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San Diego Tree Services

Quality Tree Care by ISA-Certified Professionals

tree careMaintaining the health and beauty of the trees on your San Diego Area property can significantly enhance the value and appeal of your landscape. At Coastal Tree Care, our San Diego tree services help you achieve this. Hire our experienced ISA-certified arborists for routine tree maintenance, pruning and tree pest control, as well as specialized services such as tree reports, and storm damage assistance.

Comprehensive Tree Services in the San Diego Area 

  • Tree pruning: Our ISA-certified arborists offer a number of specialized tree pruning services, based on the size and health of your trees. We address a number of aspects, including growth inconsistencies or deficiencies, structural integrity, safety, and visibility.
  • Tree pest control: Our qualified tree doctors accurately detect and identify pests or diseases that may be affecting tree health. We use environment-friendly corrective treatments to nurse your affected trees back to good health and deploy preventative measures that boost their resistance against future infestations.
  • Tree removal or transplantation: Whether it is irreversible pest damage, weak, aging trees, or storm-damaged fallen trees, our tree removal crew has the skills and equipment to safely remove or relocate large trees. We will keep your property safe, attractive, and hazard-free.
  • Tree surveys and audits: Our arborist reports include detailed assessments of current and future care needs, and potential liabilities of the trees on your property. You can use our reports to plan your annual arbor care budget and make cost-effective decisions for your property.
  • Arbor care and wellness programs: Managers and owners of large properties can take advantage of our annual maintenance programs for customized, affordable tree care. Our plans include creating a detailed tree inventory, new tree selection and planting, as well as all routine arbor care and tree protection services. 
  • Emergency assistance: Count on us for prompt response in the case of emergencies. In addition to detailed storm damage evaluations and recommendations, we offer restorative services, such as tree cabling and bracing, and emergency services, such as tree removal and professional cleanups. 

San Diego Tree Services by Expert Local Arborists

tree careCoastal Tree Care’s San Diego tree services are performed in strict adherence to ISA standards for proper tree trimming, removal and safety. From accurate diagnosis and detailed assessments, to prompt remedial measures and safe procedures, our arborists excel in delivering a wide range of tree services.

As a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) member, we offer the highest quality of tree care to help you maintain healthy, attractive landscapes. Residential and commercial property owners and managers across the San Diego area rely on us for affordable and efficient arbor care.

Choose a qualified tree care company to enjoy comprehensive tree services for your San Diego Area property. Call Coastal Tree Care at 619-847-4225 or contact us online.

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