Top 8 Tree Planting Mistakes Admin December 28, 2021

Top 8 Tree Planting Mistakes

Experts Warn Of These Top 8 Tree Planting Mistakes
Protect Your San Diego Trees

Most trees are fairly forgiving. They can survive short periods of drought and develop adaptions to thrive in urban environments such as San Diego and the surrounding communities. However, there are some errors that can cause big problems for your trees. So, consult with a certified arborist at Rancho Coastal to help your trees continue to grow and thrive!

Give your trees a strong start. Armed with the knowledge from our tree care experts, you can avoid these common mistakes when you are planting trees on your property.

Save Your Trees! Don’t Make These Common Planting Mistakes
Give your trees a strong start. Armed with the knowledge from our tree care experts, you can avoid these mistakes during the critical planting stage.

  1. Poor selection. Poor quality trees or inappropriate species will struggle to survive. Work with the knowledgeable tree experts at Coastal Tree Care to ensure that you get the right healthy trees installed on your property. Then, partner with us for comprehensive tree wellness plans to help them enjoy continued health and beauty.

  2. Inadequate root system. We recommend trees with an appropriately sized root ball. Go for a 1:10 to 1:12 ratio of trunk size to root ball diameter for the best results. Otherwise, it may take longer for the tree to establish itself firmly.

  3. Planted in the wrong place. Let your arborist assess the soil prior to finalizing a planting spot. Generally, it’s important to avoid soil with a high concentration of clay or sand. We can amend the soil to improve conditions if you have already chosen the ideal planting spot. It’s also important to have appropriate soil drainage.

  4. Circling roots. This would never happen with a tree provided by our seasoned tree specialists. When nurseries leave trees in the pot too long, the roots bind together in a tangled mess that makes it hard, if not impossible, for the tree to develop normally. In some cases, root pruning services can train the roots back into a healthy configuration.

  5. Shallow planting hole. A small planting hole doesn’t provide enough room for the roots to grow and develop properly. When we plant trees on your property, we make the hole twice the width of the root ball and deep enough to adequately cover the vulnerable roots as the tree develops.

  6. Overly deep planting hole. The planting hole should maintain the trunk and roots at the same level as they were previously growing. Burying the roots too deep and covering the trunk may result in the tree’s death.

  7. Skipping the mulch. Adding a layer of mulch locks in moisture and provides nutrients to the soil. In turn, this provides a healthy environment for the tree to thrive.

  8. Inadequate maintenance and care. To keep young and mature trees in ideal condition, it’s important to provide the right care and maintenance. Partner with urban arborists who understand the special needs of city trees.
If you are concerned that a tree on your property has been planted incorrectly or looks unhealthy, contact us immediately for a consultation with a certified arborist.
We Offer Expert Advice For Planting Trees In San Diego

Contact us online for more tree planting best practices or to schedule tree care services in San Diego and the surrounding areas. We serve San Diego, Coronado, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, and Pacific Beach.

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