Challenges in Tree Removal Admin November 19, 2019

Challenges in Tree Removal

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Don’t Stress Over Common Challenges in Tree Removal in San Diego

Get Help from ISA-Certified Arborists

Removing a dead or diseased tree is not as simple as getting hold of an axe and hacking it down. Understanding the challenges in tree removal will help you hire the right resources, and budget sufficiently for the task.

Top 3 Factors Impacting Tree Removal

Whether it is a dead, diseased or damaged tree, the time, effort, and equipment required for tree removal may vary due to several factors:

  1. Tree biology:What is the age and species of the tree? What is the height of the tree? How extensive is its root system? What is the present condition of the tree? ISA-certified experts will account for all aspects of tree biology when planning its removal and subsequent disposal. 

  2. Tree location: Where does this tree sit on your San Diego area property? Is it leaning towards a neighboring property, or a busy road, or a pedestrian walkway? Does the space around the tree offer enough access for deploying the necessary tree removal equipment? Are there any power lines, roads, buildings, or underground services in proximity to the affected tree? Experienced tree technicians will review all of these factors so that they bring in the right tools, equipment and manpower for the tree removal process.

  3. Local laws and codes: Are there any city ordinances that are applicable to the trees on your property? Our qualified tree professionals are knowledgeable about local codes and regulations. In most cases, we will obtain the necessary permits on your behalf, in order to remain compliant with applicable laws.

Skilled Tree Removal by Trusted ISA-Certified Arborists

A professional tree care company such as Rancho Coastal has the right knowledge, skills, equipment, and personnel for safe and efficient removal of impacted trees. Our ISA-certified arborists have the expertise and experience to remove trees of any size, type and complexity. We also offer prompt emergency tree removal services for storm damage clearance, or any fallen trees.

We are a licensed, bonded and fully insured tree service company, certified by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). All the work performed by our team meets or exceeds the highest standards in tree care and safety, as defined in ANSI A300 and ANSI Z133.

In addition to tree removal, we offer a complete range of tree care services to commercial and residential properties across the San Diego area, including those in Coronado, Del Mar, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, and Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

For skilled tree removal services in the San Diego Area, give us a call at 619-847-4225 or request an estimate using our online form.

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