Challenges in Tree and Shrub Maintenance Admin October 21, 2019

Challenges in Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Typical Challenges in Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Advice from ISA Certified Arborists

Healthy and beautiful landscapes are the result of meticulous planning and care throughout the year. Knowing all the challenges in tree and shrub maintenance will help you plan for additional help in aspects that require special skills, knowledge or equipment.

Your Trees and Shrubs Need Year-Round Care

At Rancho Coastal, we have decades of experience in all aspects of tree care. Our ISA-certified arborists are experienced in dealing with these typical challenges in tree and shrub maintenance.

  • Feeding and routine maintenance: Whether it is soil conditioning, fertilization, pruning, or other routine upkeep, are you familiar with the needs of the trees and shrubs on your property? In the absence of timely applications and treatments, it can be tough to maintain a thriving landscape. 
  • Sizing and pruning issues: Do you know the optimum height or size for each type of plant or tree? While over-cutting or incorrect trimming techniques could permanently damage your plant’s structure, inappropriate timing could lead to a lack of flowering. Furthermore, improper pruning could also impact the growth and survival of surrounding trees and plants, by blocking air, water or sunlight. This may lead to a loss of vigor, which could in turn weaken or kill the impacted plants.
  • Obstructions or privacy concerns: Unpruned trees and shrubs may start obstructing your views, walkways, play areas, street signs and more. Low hanging branches could also pose a safety hazard to people, pets and vehicles. On the other hand, trees with sparse growth could result in unwanted exposure of your private spaces. Ensuring dense, yet healthy growth will help you keep your landscape safe, beautiful and functional.
  • Pest damage: Preventing pests and diseases and detecting their presence early on is key to maintaining a healthy landscape. Are you familiar with how to spot and identify tree pests? Do you have a plan for pest control?

Almost every aspect of tree care requires accurate timing and techniques, which may be challenging to achieve without the proper knowledge of arbor care. Promote and nurture a healthy and beautiful landscape by hiring the services of experienced and qualified tree care professionals.

Comprehensive Tree and Shrub Care by ISA-Certified Arborists

At Rancho Coastal, our ISA-certified arborists provide all the care and attention that your trees and shrubs need throughout the year.

  • annual tree wellness programs itemize and track the current and future care needs of your plants, trees and shrubs. This includes established pruning cycles, timely applications and treatments, and removal of hazardous or dead trees.

Rancho Coastal is a licensed, bonded and fully insured tree service company, certified by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Our skilled and experienced team caters to the tree care needs of homeowners, HOAs, condos, apartment complexes and commercial properties across the San Diego area, including Coronado, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Pacific Beach and La Jolla, CA.

Answer the challenges in tree and shrub maintenance by relying on the qualified professionals at Rancho Coastal. Call us at 619-847-4225 to know more about our range of tree services or contact us online.

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