Impact of Drought on Plants and Trees Admin November 19, 2020

Impact of Drought on Plants and Trees

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Preserve the Vegetation and Foliage on Your San Diego Area Property

As a resident of the San Diego area, it’s quite likely that you have a first-hand experience of prolonged heat, and dry, arid conditions affecting the plants and trees on your property and in your community. From scorched leaves and died back stems, to greater susceptibility to pests and pathogens, drought conditions can wreak havoc on your property’s beautiful landscape. The ISA-certified experts at Rancho Coastal explain how you can minimize the impact of drought and take preventative steps to preserve the health of your plants and trees.

Tips for Protecting your Plants and Trees from Drought and Dry Spells

Along the communities of the South Pacific coast of California, particularly around the San Diego area, many properties feature two different native shrubs: the shallow-rooted coastal sage scrub and the deep-rooted chaparral. While coastal sage scrub is vulnerable to drought, the chaparrals source water from deeper layers of the soil. This usually gives the chaparrals greater resistance to short-term drought. However, the prolonged drought conditions in this region from 2012 to 2016 adversely impacted the chaparrals as well. Both these shrubs usually tend to do better in soils that have higher water retention capacity, giving them protection against the damage caused by drought. Shrubs located in warmer, lower elevation sites are more sensitive to drought than the ones growing in cooler sites that are at higher elevation.

Here are some suggestions for protecting your plants and trees in the absence of sufficient rainfall and excessive heat:

  • Watering techniques: Frequent watering may lead to shallow root systems and greater vulnerability to dry spells. Instead, water your plants and trees slowly, deeply, and less often, to promote deep root growth and better resistance to drought conditions.

  • Mulch provides a natural protection for plant roots, making them less susceptible to damage from dryness or surface heat. An 8-centimeters deep layer of mulch can keep your trees and plants up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than any unprotected plant beds.

  • Make your landscape drought-proof by using compost as a soil amendment. It can help with greater moisture retention in the soil.

  • Besides a wide selection of drought-resistant perennials and annuals, there are several other options for retaining your property’s value and curb appeal. Let your grass go dormant or grow a clover lawn. You can also explore the possibility of xeriscaping using trees, shrubs, plants, and ground covers that adapt well to the natural cycles of rainfall in your area.

Expert Plant and Tree Care by Coastal Tree Care’s ISA-Certified Professionals

At Rancho Coastal, we offer a comprehensive range of tree care services for properties in and around the San Diego area. This includes routine pruning and trimming, periodic nutrient applications, tree relocation or removal, and other emergency tree services. With a deep understanding of local soil types, tree species, and micro-climates, our ISA-certified arborists design robust plans for the entire tree care lifecycle. From planting and promoting healthy trees, to nursing sick or damaged ones back to health, you can count on our experts to achieve and maintain beautiful landscapes.

We serve the arbor care requirements of residential and commercial properties across the San Diego area. Our services extend to the communities of La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Mission Hills, Point Loma, and Ocean Beach, CA.

Need reliable arbor care services to minimize the impact of drought on the plants and trees on your property? Hire the ISA-certified professionals at Rancho Coastal. Call 619-847-4225 or contact us online to request a free estimate.

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