Pest of the Month – Date Palm Pests Admin January 6, 2021

Pest of the Month – Date Palm Pests

South American Palm Weevil

ISA-Certified Arborists Share Insights for Protecting Your Date Palms

This month we cover several pests that pose a threat to the precious date palms on your property. Rancho Coastal’s ISA-certified experts share insights about invasive pests, such as the South American Palm Weevils, Rhinoceros Beetles, Palm Beetles, and Spider Mites. If these pests go undetected or untreated, they could wreak havoc in an entire neighborhood and not just on your property.

Beware of these Pests of the Month that Attack Date Palms

Synonymous with California landscaping, date palms usually make up a significant portion of residential and commercial landscapes in the San Diego Area. Whether your property features ornamental date palms, or you grow dates commercially, it is important to protect your beautiful palms from all types of invasive tree pests and diseases.  

Here is what you should know about the pests that can endanger the date palms on your property.

  • Rhinoceros Beetle: Shiny, black, and about 5 centimeters in length, the adult beetle feeds on the leaves and stalks of the fruit and frond of your date palm. These pests bore into the crown and create V-shaped cuts in the palm frond or holes in the leaf midribs.

  • Spider Mites: These mites feed on the immature green date fruit, causing severe fruit scarring and massive losses in the California date-growing industry. They can also damage the palm fronds.

  • South American Palm Weevil (SAPW): SAPWs are 1½ to 2 inches long, jet-black pests with extended snouts. They bore holes in the base of the palm fronds, while the hatched larvae feed off the palm crown and eat away at the tree tissues. SAPWs may also carry the red ring disease that can be lethal to palms.

  • Palm Beetle: Also called the Palm Borer or Red Palm Weevil, Palm Beetles bore holes to feed on the wood of the date palms, impacting even the healthiest of trees. In addition to wilting, drooping, or yellowing of the fronds, they may cause the entire palm to buckle due to the tunnels they dig throughout the tree trunk.

Expert Tree Pest Control and Date Palm Tree Care by ISA-Certified Professionals

Most date palm pests are highly invasive and potentially fatal for the palms on your property. Often, by the time the symptoms appear, the infestation is widespread, making it difficult to restore the palm or protect the surrounding trees. Rancho Coastal’s annual tree health services offer comprehensive care and protection for all types of palms. Our knowledgeable, ISA-certified arborists will:

  • Accurately identify the current infestation, potential threats and vulnerabilities, as well as other causes that may be weakening or damaging your trees.

  • Offer proactive solutions to nurse your palms back to health.

  • Provide routine palm tree services for ongoing care and maintenance. This includes specialized pruning and trimming, fertilizing, insect and disease control, tree removal or relocation and emergency tree services.

As a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) certified company, all our services conform to the highest standards in tree care practices. We serve a wide range of arbor care requirements for residential and commercial properties throughout the San Diego Area.

Hire the experienced tree care professionals at Rancho Coastal to protect your date palms from tree pests and diseases. Call us at 619-847-4225 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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