What Can a Soil Analysis Tell You? Admin December 18, 2019

What Can a Soil Analysis Tell You?

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Useful Insights: What a Soil Analysis Can Tell You

Vital Information for Landscaping and Tree Care

If you’ve never done it before, you’re probably wondering what a soil analysis can tell you. The experts at Rancho Coastal say soil testing is an important first step that can guide your landscape maintenance and tree care plans. From watering and fertilization to drainage and new plant selection, a soil biology analysis can give you valuable insights into several aspects of tree care and landscaping.

Let Soil Testing Take the Guesswork Out of Tree Care

Soil is a critical component that determines the growth and health of your trees and plants. Analyzing the soil on your property can lead to better decision-making, helping your trees and plants thrive.

  • Water drainage: A simple D-I-Y soil test can throw light on the type of soil on your property, along with its drainage quality. For example, clay soil retains water and drains slowly, while sandy soil tends to drain very quickly. Knowing your soil type will help you:
    • Adjust the watering levels and frequency
    • Modify your sprinkler systems appropriately
    • Plant suitable trees and shrubs that grow well in your specific soil type

  • Nutrition retention: Do you know whether your property has nutrient-rich clay soil, moisture-rich loamy soil, or light and gritty sandy soil? If your landscape features sandy soil which has difficulty retaining nutrients, you may have to provide additional nourishment to the trees and plants already growing in this soil.

  • Nutrition enrichment: Did your soil sample analysis reveal a deficiency in the nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) or potassium (K) levels? Without adequate N-P-K, your trees or shrubs may develop weak roots, dead branches, off-colored leaves, and greater vulnerability to pest attacks. Nourish your trees back to health through deep root fertilization, with applications that specifically address your soil’s deficient nutrient(s).

  • pH level adjustments: Your soil’s pH levels indicate its alkalinity or acidity, which is instrumental in determining the type of plants that can flourish in your landscape. Does your soil analysis show that the current pH levels are not conducive to certain plants and trees that are already on your property? You can easily adjust the soil to promote the health and growth of such trees. Knowing the pH levels can also help you make better choices while planting new trees and shrubs.

Soil analysis can tell you a lot about your living environment. However, soil test results are only accurate if you provide a representative sample. This means gathering soil in several locations across your property. For simple checks, such as knowing your soil type, you can rely on a D-I-Y soil analysis kit. For in-depth diagnostics on soil fertility, drainage and nutrition, send your soil sample to the local county extension office or a gardening center that offers this service.

Soil Analysis is the Key to a Flourishing Landscape

At Rancho Coastal, we offer a range of tree services, including tree selection, planting, pruning, fertilization, and tree pest and disease control. Our ISA-certified arborists use soil analysis as the starting point for designing comprehensive tree care plans that meet your requirements and budget. You can also take advantage of our customized tree wellness programs that cater to your annual landscaping goals and long-term tree care needs.

We are a licensed, bonded and fully insured tree service company, serving commercial property owners across the San Diego area. This includes properties in Rancho Santa Fe, Coronado, Del Mar, Pacific Beach, La Jolla and San Diego, CA.

Make soil analysis the foundation of your tree care plans. Call us at 619-847-4225 or contact us online to learn more.

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