What Does Soil Fertilization Do? Admin January 23, 2020

What Does Soil Fertilization Do?

soil fertilization

Learn More from ISA-Certified Arborists

Not sure what soil fertilization does for your landscape? Essentially, it enhances the quality of the soil on your San Diego Area property, in turn improving the nourishment, growth and health of your trees. The ISA-certified arborists at Rancho Coastal elaborate on soil fertilization, and why it matters.

Everything You Should Know about Soil Fertilization

  • What is soil fertilization? Soil fertilization is the process of creating optimum soil conditions for promoting the health and vigor of your foliage. A well-balanced soil creates the ideal chemical, biological and physical factors for a thriving landscape. Also, with a proper fertilization program and timely applications, your trees will demonstrate increased resistance to pest infestations and tree diseases.
  • What factors determine the need for soil fertilization? Tree nourishment starts with soil nourishment. However, in order to add the right type and amount of nutrients to your soil, you need to know:
  • The short term and long-term needs of your existing trees and shrubs: An arborist report will offer detailed insights into the type of trees on your property. It will also include tree health assessments, suggested treatments, and potential liabilities or hazards related to their growth or health.
  • The current composition of your soil: A soil analysis will tell you whether your soil is compatible with the needs of the existing trees, as well as any new ones that you want to plant. From water drainage and nutrient retention qualities, to pH levels (acidity / alkalinity) and nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) levels, you will get insights into a number of soil-related parameters.
  • What signs tell you that your soil needs fertilization? Routine fertilization programs and timely applications are imperative for maintaining the general wellness of your trees. However, adding soil nutrients becomes necessary if your soil tests reveal any deficiencies, especially in the N-P-K levels. Imbalanced soil nutrition could manifest itself in the form of undersized or discolored leaves, thinning canopies or branch growth rates, and greater occurrence of tree pest attacks or diseases.
  • When should you fertilize? For newly planted trees or trees with root damage (due to construction, relocation or trenching work), it’s important to avoid fertilization until their root system properly re-establishes. Similarly, for mature trees that have a well-developed root system, restrict applications to once every two to three years.

    Wherever annual fertilization is necessary, schedule your applications in late April to early May, or in October, when fall sets in and plant growth subsides.

Effective Tree Care Requires Thorough Soil and Tree Diagnostics

At Rancho Coastal, we believe that a complete diagnostic on your trees and soil is essential for determining the various aspects of soil fertilization. It also helps us establish the soil composition rebalancing efforts required to maintain the vigor of your landscape. Our ISA-certified arborists usually advise clients to obtain a detailed soil analysis before custom-designing any tree care and wellness plans. We also offer comprehensive arborist reports with accurate assessments of the current and future needs of your trees.

As a licensed, bonded and fully insured tree services company, we cater to the landscaping goals and tree care needs of commercial property owners across the San Diego area. This includes properties in Coronado, Rancho Santa Fe, Pacific Beach, Del Mar, and La Jolla, CA.

Schedule soil testing and ask for a tree assessment to ensure proper fertilizer applications and enhance the effectiveness of your tree care plans. Call us at 619-847-4225 or request a free estimate online.

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