When to Call for Emergency Tree Trimming or Removal Admin May 10, 2020

When to Call for Emergency Tree Trimming or Removal

Tree Removal

Know the Signs that Indicate the Need for Immediate Arbor Care

Overgrown, leaning, or damaged trees on your San Diego Area property may pose numerous risks to your landscape, visitors, occupants, neighboring buildings, and passers-by. From falls and accidents, to power outages and roof damage, there may be costly and life-threatening dangers lurking in your landscape. It is important to know when to call for an emergency tree trimming or removal service. The experienced ISA-certified professionals at Rancho Coastal clarify which situations warrant immediate attention by trained arborists.

Keep Your San Diego Area Property Safe and Beautiful

Timely identification of potentially hazardous situations is the key to maintaining a safe and attractive commercial landscape. Not sure when you should call for an emergency tree trimming or tree removal service? Look for these signs:

  • Visibility issues: Trees with bushy or uneven growth could impact clear lines of sight during movement of people or vehicles on your property. They may also block traffic lights on adjacent streets. Prevent potential trip-and-fall incidents and vehicular accidents. Address visibility issues by scheduling an emergency tree trimming service.

  • Storm damage: Strong winds, heavy rains, or other harsh weather conditions could uproot trees or leave them with broken branches and split limbs. During such times, clearing blocked paths and driveways, or removing the debris becomes a time-critical activity. Hiring a storm damage clearance service will help you maintain the safety, hygiene and attractiveness of your property.

  • Sick or aging trees: Undetected or untreated tree diseases or pest infestations could severely threaten the structural integrity of the trees on your property. Weak, peeling or brittle branches, uneven foliage, discolored leaves, knotty roots, presence of carpenter ants are just some of the signs that your trees may be sick. Such trees or their branches could potentially:

  • Collapse at any time, posing a grave risk to the adjoining landscape, as well as vehicles and people.

  • Lean dangerously close to a power line, roof line, or walkway within your property or a neighboring one.

Schedule an emergency tree care appointment with a qualified arborist who can:

  • Assess the extent of damage, including identifying the tree pests or disease

  • Provide remedial solutions to nurture your trees back to good health

Emergency Tree Services by Local ISA-Certified Arborists

At Rancho Coastal, we believe that timely and routine tree care goes a long way in promoting the health and beauty of your trees, and protects them from dying or aging prematurely. However, we are mindful that unexpected situations will arise, and it is not possible to save every tree. Our emergency arbor care services aim to trim, transplant, or remove trees using industry-approved techniques and safety equipment that minimize the risk of injury and damage. Our licensed, safety-trained and fully insured crew will clear uprooted trees, remove broken limbs or scattered branches, carry out stump grinding, and get rid of the debris.

We serve the landscaping and arbor care requirements of a wide range of commercial properties in Rancho Santa Fe and Coronado, as well as other areas of San Diego, including La Jolla and Del Mar, CA.

Need to schedule an emergency tree trimming or removal service in the San Diego Area? Count on a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) certified company, such as Rancho Coastal. Call 619-847-4225 or contact us online.

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