Care for Trees in the City Admin August 21, 2020

Care for Trees in the City

Care for the Trees in Your City, Hire ISA-Certified Arborists

Nurture and Protect the Trees On and Around Your Property

While investing in attractive landscapes and great curb appeal for your property, consider hiring professional experts to care for nearby trees in the city. Whether they are on the outskirts of your sprawling property, part of a forested area beyond the property lines, or on the adjoining sidewalks, caring for trees has innumerable benefits. At Rancho Coastal, we believe trees enrich our everyday lives and deserve routine maintenance irrespective of their type, size, and location. Our ISA-certified arborists discuss the many advantages of professional arbor care for the trees on and around your property.

Top Reasons to Care for Trees in the City

Many HOAs, condominiums, resorts, retail centers, parks, and corporate campuses across the San Diego area host large or small forests within and near their properties. Over time, trees in the less visible areas become neglected or excluded from commercial landscaping budgets. Such trees eventually grow into and over the fences or sidewalks or become damaged and weak due to tree pest infestation and disease. Some of them may even become hazardous for your property and its occupants or passersby.

Regular maintenance of the trees on or around your property delivers several benefits:

  • Prevent tree pests and diseases: Tree pests can easily infiltrate an entire cluster of trees around them. If the neglected trees develop disease or pest infestation, chances are they will also impact the healthy trees on your property. ISA-certified arborists can identify and treat potential issues before they threaten the surrounding trees.

  • Keep your property safe: Neglected trees lack regular pruning, nutrition, and timely treatments. This makes them more susceptible to pest attacks and weather damage. Weak or cracked limbs or uneven growth could also pose issues of poor visibility and an increased risk of falling branches. Caring for the trees in the city will help to prevent potential accidents and keep pedestrians, vehicles, and your building structures safe.

  • Expand your green goals: In certain cities within the San Diego area, the HOAs and apartment complexes may be responsible for the maintenance of the trees on neighboring sidewalks. However, even if such regulations or local bylaws are not applicable to you, caring for the trees in the city is an excellent way to prevent tree loss and do your bit for the environment. Preserving the trees on and around your property will also lead to:

    • Reduced windbreaks and topsoil erosion on your property
    • Cleaner air, less noise pollution, and greater privacy for your property’s occupants
    • An attractive and welcoming landscape that supports birds and wildlife
    • More shade and resting spots for passersby

Expert Tree Care and Maintenance in the San Diego Area

At Rancho Coastal, we take a holistic approach to arbor care and provide cost-effective solutions to help maintain the urban forests in the San Diego area. Our qualified tree care professionals offer a complete suite of reliable and affordable tree conservation services. From routine pruning and trimming to periodic applications and treatments and prompt removal of hazardous or fallen trees, we skillfully address the entire tree management lifecycle.

Property owners and managers across the San Diego area count on us for our knowledge, experience, and comprehensive range of tree services.

Preserve and nurture the health and beauty of the trees in the city and on your property by hiring the arbor care experts at Rancho Coastal. Call 619-847-4225 or contact us online to request a free estimate.

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