Major Causes for Tree Loss Admin June 8, 2020

Major Causes for Tree Loss

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Understand the Major Causes for Tree Loss on Commercial Properties

ISA-Certified Arborists Help You Extend the Life of Your Trees

What might seem like a small error in basic arbor care could become a major cause for tree loss on your commercial property in Rancho Santa Fe or Coronado. By learning more about these potential problems, you can help preserve your trees and maximize their lifespan. Rancho Coastal’s experienced ISA-certified professionals offer useful suggestions for effective arbor care.

Top Tips to Prevent Tree Loss on Your San Diego Area Property

Tree care gone wrong can diminish the growth and life of your trees. Dead and weak trees also reduce your property’s curb appeal, and cause safety issues. Here are some common mistakes that can occur, and tips to prevent them.

  • Planting problems: Planting problems can be two-fold.

  • Planting too deep: This can cause an issue called girdling, where the roots start growing upwards, impacting the tree’s nutrition supply. Professional arborists plant each tree at the correct depth, enabling the root system to take shape naturally.

  • Planting too close to nearby trees, sidewalks, buildings or streets: This can lead to a condition called root binding. Essentially, the roots grow in a circular pattern, cutting off nutrients and reducing the lifespan of your mature tree. Tree experts can ensure proper placement to promote the tree’s health and growth.

  • Watering issues: Most irrigation systems do not adjust to the specific watering needs of every tree or plant on your property. One way to avoid this problem is to plant trees with similar watering needs, especially if you are in the early stages of developing a commercial landscape. Alternatively, you need to monitor and prevent:

  • Overwatering: Which can lead to root rot, fungi, and long-term tree stress

  • Under-watering: Which can severely impact growth and increase susceptibility to tree pests and diseases

  • Equipment damage: Incorrect use of landscaping equipment can harm your trees in several ways.

  • Lawnmowers or trimmers could cut away crucial bark, slowing or stopping the movement of water and nutrients, in turn causing starvation and death of the tree.

  • Other equipment or heavy foot traffic could induce soil compaction, which results in compression of oxygen pockets and impedes root growth.

Our qualified tree care experts study your property’s soil samples and can suggest appropriate measures to prevent soil compaction. Their recommendations may include:

  • Installation of barriers, such as fences or mulch around the tree trunks

  • Soil conditioning through regular drainage, structural liming, and fertilization

  • Improper pruning: While pruning is necessary to remove the dead and diseased branches and promote healthy tree growth, inaccurate techniques can lead to tree diseases, pest infestation, or deep tree wounds that cut short their life. Weakened trees pose a threat to the adjoining trees, buildings, vehicles, people and pets on your property. You may experience tree loss and end up needing a hazardous tree removal service.

Efficient, Affordable Tree Care by ISA-Certified Arborists

Tackle the major causes for tree loss by hiring Rancho Coastal’s ISA-certified arborists. Professional arbor care will help your trees live a long, disease-free life, while increasing the value and appeal of your commercial property. As a licensed, bonded and fully insured tree services company, we offer a wide range of efficient and cost-effective tree services to nurture and promote attractive, healthy landscapes.

From arborist reports (with detailed tree inventory and assessments) and soil analysis, to routine tree care and emergency tree services, we serve the needs of commercial properties in Rancho Santa Fe and Coronado. Our tree care and landscaping services also extend to La Jolla and Del Mar, CA in the San Diego Area.

Need more information about the major causes for tree loss and how to avoid them? Speak to the experts at Rancho Coastal by calling 619-847-4225 or contact us online.

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