Role of Trees in Commercial Landscaping Admin May 29, 2019

Role of Trees in Commercial Landscaping

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The Role of Trees in Commercial Landscaping Goes Beyond Aesthetics 

From Privacy to Wildlife Refuge, Trees Add Value  

There are several components of commercial landscaping; have you considered what role trees play? Although we tend to take them for granted, trees are an integral part of a well-landscaped property. From natural beauty and shade, to privacy and health benefits, they have much to offer. At Rancho Coastal, we care deeply about trees and appreciate their valuable role in commercial landscaping. Our ISA-certified arborists help you maximize their benefits through systematic tree selection, careful tree planting, and comprehensive tree care services.

How Trees Enhance Your Commercial Landscape

Selecting the right trees, planting them in the correct spots, and following proper tree care measures will boost the design and functionality of your landscape. Here are a few aspects that define the role of trees in commercial landscaping:

  • Aesthetics: From framing your property to adding texture and color, trees bring interesting design elements to your commercial landscape. Depending on the species you select, and the locations you plant them in, you can create a bold, artistic statement, or a soft, scenic appeal that is unique to your property. 
  • Environmental Benefits: Besides adding visual appeal and greenery, trees also purify the air and reduce the effects of global warming (and offer very localized temperature moderation!). Moreover, the leaves, branches and roots of trees provide haven to several species of birds, insects and wildlife, promoting the stability of an entire ecosystem.
  • Privacy and Protection: Not only do trees provide shade and beauty, they also help in obstructing unwanted views and creating privacy for the occupants of your property. With a carefully conceptualized landscape design, you can strategically locate the trees to block an unattractive view, promote additional breeze, or create a wind shelter.
  • Quality of Landscape: A lot depends on the type and size of the trees you choose. The right selection and placement can help you increase water retention, prevent erosion and improve the soil quality on your property.

Customized Landscape Management and Tree Care Services

A full-service, licensed and insured tree service company, Rancho Coastal provides a wide range of services in accordance with ISA standards. These include timely pruning, fertilization, proper insect control and routine cleanups of the trees and plants in your commercial landscape.

Our expert arborists work closely with commercial property owners and managers across the San Diego area and provide personalized advice on landscape design and management, including tree selection and tree care. We also offer a comprehensive annual maintenance program that is ideal for large properties in need of immediate and long-term tree management services.

Maximize the role of trees in your commercial landscape. Call us at 619-847-4225 to schedule a consultation or contact us online to learn more about our landscaping and tree services.

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